Rocinante Research

Empowering cryptocurrency markets through proprietary trading, market making and advisory. Rocinante supports crypto projects and provides liquidity across a variety of trading venues

Market Making

A crypto-focused quantitative trader

We help provide liquidity and support our partners with different market needs. Our trading desk locates opportunities and trades on a variety of venues.

Liquidity Provision

We provide liquidity on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. We help to meet listing requirements, and stabilize prices.


We support later stage projects and funds with order execution, helping to minimize market impact.

Proprietary Trading

We research and operate our own systematic trades on a variety of venues, helping to bring volume and facilitate price discovery in crypto markets.

Ways To Partner With Rocinante

Market Making
We support crypto projects as a market maker. We work with both early stage projects and those who have finished a first market making engagement.
Decentralized Finance
We research and provide liquidity in DeFi protocols.
Market Guidance
We're not just about trading - we provide guidance on token economics and questions you may have about markets.
Early Stage Investment
We invest in early stage crypto projects in Asian markets primarily.
Exchange Support
We support new exchanges and can help bootstrap liquidity and improve execution quality.

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